PureWarmth Amethyst Jade Tourmaline Heating Therapy Mat

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PureWarmth Amethyst Jade Tourmaline Heating Therapy Mat


The PureWarmth Jade Tourmaline Heating Therapy Mats are the perfect way to bring the benefits of natural stone therapy into your home. These mats are made with genuine jade and tourmaline stones, which are known for their healing properties and ability to promote physical and emotional well-being. The jade stones release negative ions, which can help to balance the body's energy and reduce stress and anxiety. The tourmaline stones emit far infrared heat, which can help to improve circulation and relieve muscle tension.

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Standard EMF FREE less than 2mG heating protection system with heavy duty controller to set and maintain 86°-158°F / 30°-70°C

  • Power ON/OFF Switch Button, push it to turn mat ON/OFF
  • Temperature Display-show the current temperature
  • High Temperature
  • Low Temperature
  • Temperature Regulation


The Jade Tourmaline Heating Therapy Mat is easy to use and requires minimal setup. Simply place it on a flat surface and plug it into any standard outlet. The mat comes with a convenient remote control, so you can easily adjust the temperature and timer to suit your needs. The mat also has an automatic shut-off feature, so you can use it with peace of mind knowing it will turn off after a certain period of time.


AUTOMATIC SHUT-OFF CONTROLLER: Your heating mat/pad controller is equipped with a special safety feature designed to shut the heating mat/pad off after the selected time. To restart the controllers, you can confirm the amount of time and adjust to the correct temperature setting.

Operating Instructions:

  1.  Plug the power cord into 120VAC, 60Hz electrical outlet.
  2.  Set the controller to desired setting.
  3.  Place heating mat/pad on the safe environment area.
  4.  Press the OFF button and unplug power cord when finished.

*Heating Pad includes free carrying bag.


Product Specifications

  • Power Source: Electric
  • Department: Unisex
  • Features: Infrared, Heated, Electric
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Material: Fabric
  • Type: Electric Heating Pad
  • Power: 110-120 V / 60 Hz, 220W
  • Product size: 50cmX150cm


What's Included in the Package

  • 1X brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged Heating Pad with cord and controller. 

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