Pressotherapy Air Pressure Body Suit - Portable Sauna Blanket Ultrasonic Slimming Detox Weight Loss - Bodysuit for Slimming Machine Spa Set


Portable Air Pressure Pressotherapy Suit

The multi-functional, easy-to-operate machine helps provide the same features as the machines from beauty salons that work on special diet and detoxification. It can help in decreasing pain from dizziness, headache, leg and arm cramps, and blood circulation problems. It can also lessen problems caused by menopause, mental stress, or psychosis.

Known as the human body "scavenger," this suit helps regulate the processes in the circulatory, digestive, and lymphatic systems through air inflation. Through this, successful detoxification, slimming, and endocrine regulation may be achieved.

Product Operation

  • Improves the shoulder, cervical, and lumbar spine
  • Enhances cell production of the body systems to help slow down organ aging
  • Can be used to massage breasts to prevent breast diseases such as lobular hyperplasia
  • Eliminates constipation by improving digestion
  • Helps avoid obesity
  • Slims the body by removing excess fats
  • Ensures voltage safety: The product uses 36 V safety voltage for the machine.
  • Uses advanced ultrasonic welding technology for keeping the airbag sutures tight
  • Easy to operate and clean

Furthermore, here are some of the key features of the portable air pressure pressotherapy suit:

1. Prevents phlebothrombosis

Phlebothrombosis is a blood circulation problem that is characterized by blood clots in veins that can also be associated with the inflammation of vessels. Adults are more likely to experience the condition due to aging. The pressotherapy suits help reduce the inflammation, and eventually improve blood circulation.


2. Lessens muscle and nerve aches

Conditions such as cold hands and feet, minor lower limb aches, and limb edema may also be solved by these pressotherapy suits. Furthermore, bedridden patients can also be helped by lessening the back pain brought by long periods of laying or sitting, especially around the lower back area.


3. Boosts blood circulation

It helps resolve problems in blood circulation by warming the affected areas. You may refer to the image below for the thermal contrast of before and after using the pressotherapy suit.


4. Easy to wear

Pressotherapy suits may be worn around the waist or abdomen, arms, legs, or even feet. And it can also be worn and removed easily by attaching or detaching the Velcro sleeves.


5. Meticulous product details

The parts of the product are carefully designed to fit the needs of people – no matter what their age or health condition. The cuffs are water-proof, anti-skid, and anti-explosion.


6. How to Operate

First, put on the suit. Then connect the wires with the main machine (host) and adjust the mode and pressure according to needs and preference. Store properly after use, away from any liquids and direct sunlight. Treatment can be done for a maximum of 30 minutes, once a week.

Technical Specifications

To ensure safety during usage, here are the technical specifications of the machine.

Voltage: 110V/120V - 220V/240V, whichever is applicable
Frequency: 50 Hz – 60Hz
Power: Up to 500W


What's Inside the Package

Here's what to expect upon receiving your package:

  • 1x host / main machine
  • 1x power cord
  • 2x bags of balloon power line
  • 2x hand balloon
  • 1x waist balloon
  • 2x leg balloon
  • 1x instruction manual


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