Tattoo Removal Laser - Professional Skin Whitening Picosecond Machine - 1064/532/755nm

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Tattoo Removal and Skin Whitening Picosecond Laser Machine

Our new tattoo removal and skin whitening picosecond laser machine is a must-have for any salon or spa looking to offer advanced, cutting-edge treatments to their clients. Tattoo removal can be an integral part of your business, with tattoos being more widely accepted there are plenty of individuals who now wish they could erase that ink from years gone by.

 This machine utilizes a unique picosecond laser technology, which delivers ultra-short bursts of energy to the skin. This energy is absorbed by the tattoo ink or pigmentation, breaking it down into smaller particles that can be naturally eliminated by the body.

The dual wavelengths of 1064 nm and 532 nm allow for the removal of a wide range of tattoo colors, including difficult-to-treat shades such as green and blue. The 755 nm wavelength is specifically designed for skin whitening, targeting and reducing the appearance of age spots, sun spots, and other forms of hyperpigmentation.

Using the laser’s high-energy instantaneous emission, the pigment particles absorb energy and instantly break up. The remaining tiny particles and are carried away by the body's natural systems. 

Experience the professional tattoo removal and skin whitening with this Tattoo Removal and Skin Whitening Picosecond Laser Machine!


Get the Best Out of the Tattoo Removal and Skin Whitening Picosecond Laser Machine

Features of the Tattoo Removal and Skin Whitening Picosecond Laser Machine:

  • Multiple laser wavelengths for any situation. 
  • For all exogenous and endogenous pigments.
  • Short pulse width, with a dedicated laser, higher peak power, dispersing pigment more thoroughly
  • Intelligent water temperature control system (Avoid water temperatures that are too high as they can damage the handle.)
  • The unique shape and modern design fits nicely in any office setting.



One of the key benefits of picosecond laser technology is its ability to minimize the risk of side effects and downtime. Traditional laser tattoo removal can often cause blistering, scabbing, and prolonged redness, but the picosecond laser minimizes these risks, resulting in a more comfortable treatment for the client.

In addition to its tattoo removal and skin whitening capabilities, this laser machine also boasts a number of other features that make it a versatile and effective treatment option. The adjustable spot size and energy levels allow for customization to suit the specific needs of each client, while the built-in cooling system helps to keep the skin cool and comfortable during the treatment.

This laser machine is easy to operate, with a user-friendly interface and clear instructions. 

Overall, our new tattoo removal and skin whitening picosecond laser machine is a reliable and advanced solution for any salon or spa looking to offer their clients the highest quality treatments. With its dual wavelengths, minimal downtime, and customizable features, it's sure to become a go-to treatment for anyone looking to remove tattoos or achieve a brighter, more even skin tone.

Product Specifications

  • Laser Type: ND:YAG Solid Laser
  • Laser Wavelength: 1064nm / 532nm / 755nm / 1320nm
  • Working frequency: 1–5Hz (Adjustable)
  • Pulse Width: 6ns
  • Screen: 10.4-inch true color touch screen
  • Shell material: ABS plastic + metal
  • Input Power: 1200W
  • Language: English
  • Supply voltage: AC220V; AC110V (customized)
  1. 1064 laser tip: 1-10 adjustable spot, effectively eliminate dark tattoos, tattoo eyebrows, lips, eyeliner and traumatic pigmentation and freckles
  2. 532 laser tip: 1-10 adjustable spot, suitable for the treatment of red or tan tattoos, tattoo eyebrows, lip lines, eyeliner; can effectively fade the red or brown birthmark and various types of shallow spots; focusable
  3. 755 Tip: The sunburn, freckles, chalazia, age spots, dry spots, dermis spots and other stubborn stains
  4. 1320 tip: Skin rejuvenation, shrink pores


What's Included in the Box

  • Goggles
  • Power supply cord
  • Funnel
  • Key and fuses
  • Foot switch


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