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Vacuum Therapy, Breast Enlarger, and Butt Lift Device

The Vacuum Therapy, Breast Enlarger, and Butt Lift Device features its benefits on your blood circulation and new cell generation. Also, it helps add feminine charm by lifting and enhancing breast fullness, and eventually solving problems with saggy breasts caused by ageing and breastfeeding.


How to Use

  • Treatment and Enhancement: You can use the device once a day within 1-3 months. Process may take 20-30 minutes, but we recommended a maximum of 15 minutes for first time users.
  • Breast and Butt Care: For the first stage of breast care, you may use the device every other day for 8 days, with maximum duration of 20 minutes per day. For the second stage, you may use it once every four days, for 20-25 minutes.

Be Confident While Prioritizing Your Health

The Electric Breast and Bust Massager boasts its hands-free therapy method! Not only is the device hygienic, but it is also safe to use. It targets the main points of the breast area that needs massaging or enlargement without undergoing surgeries. It is proven not to cause side effects on a person's physical appearance and overall health.


Device Specifications

  • Power: 12 W
  • Vacuum: < 80 kPa


Package Inclusions

  • 1x Main Machine
  • 3 pairs of cups for the breasts
  • 3 pairs of cups for cupping
  • 6 pairs of gas cups for scrubbing
  • 3x fingertip cups for rhythm massaging
  • 2x short connecting tubes
  • 1x long connecting tube
  • 1x power cord


Benefits of Using the Machine

The Vacuum Therapy, Breast Enlarger, and Butt Lift Device can enhance the breast size, increase tissue and cell production, improve breast appearance after giving birth or during breastfeeding periods, balance the size of the left and right breasts, lessen thigh and leg fats, and decrease leg pain caused by long walks and wearing high heels.

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