Breast Enlargement Enlarger Vacuum Massager Butt Cupping Therapy Massage Kits


Breast Enlargement Enlarger Vacuum Massager Butt Cupping Therapy Massage Kits

Made from high-quality material and are environmentally safe, non-toxic, and harmless to your skin. Suitable for enhancing blood circulation and promotes detoxification for the digestive system. The breast enlargement machine is also a lymph detox therapy, body massage machine, which could expulse toxins, purify the lymphatic system, refine skin pores, re-build skin, and improve micro-circulation. It can also be used for a different part of the body to expedite fatty acid transformation. Safely and effectively remove excessive Fat, reduce weight, slim up body, eliminate excessive Fat on the belly, improve leg shape, firm up skin.

This machine also effectively to promotes uterine contraction and improves sexual apathy. Breast enlargement machine used for skin lifting, tightening, beauty shaping, and vacuum massage spa. It can be applied for scrub, point percussion therapy, lymphatic detoxification, treat cellulite, improve buttocks to realize perfect body contour. The professional breast enlargement machine is better to be used at home or beauty salon spa.



Scraping: Use to improve complexion, dispelling cold, and accelerate blood circulation, and can keep it healthy

Suction: Is best for clearing and activating channels, collateral, and expelling of toxin.

Massage: Slimming and remove Fat, combined with essence and can help absorption.

Nursing: Care skin and body, slimming, and relaxing.


Package Including:

1 X Main Machine 

3 Pairs Of Cups For Cupping

 6 Pairs Gas Cup For Scrub 

3 X Metal Fingertip Cups For Rhythm Massage 

2 X Shot Connecting Tubes 

1 X Long Connecting Tubes

 1 X Power Line




1. Do not clean the instrument by using corrosive liquid.

2. It is recommended that pregnant women and heart disease patients avoid using this product.

3. Do not allow water and other liquids inside the instrument.

4. After using the breast machine, resulting in a bit of bruising is normal.

5. Make sure to connect the accessories normally. Turn off the power after use.

6. When a thing goes wrong, do not turn off the power and contact us first.



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