6-in-1 RF Beauty Machine

Multipolar RF, vacuum RF, 40K ultrasonic fat-burning, and laser-pad fat-dissolving machines are currently the most popular beauty machines that work on skin-firming, body-shaping, and anti-aging. It’s an effective replacement for all the facial and body care programs in beauty salons. Moreover, they are convenient and easy to operate. It solves both skin and body management issues for beauty lovers. This equipment requires no injection, no medication, no operation, thus having no side effects. It is used externally during the whole process and has an immediate effect.

RF machines heat deeper skin layers, stimulate collagen cells to reform in the dermis, increase blood circulation in the hypodermis, thus achieving skin firming and anti-aging. Ultrasounds with specific frequencies target those parts in which fat is difficult to be reduced, bringing customers amazing results.


What Makes the 6-in-1 RF Beauty Machine Worth Your Purchase?

  1. 6-in-1 beauty machine that works on both your face and body care. The ultrasonic fat-burning replaces and transcends liposuction, bringing good news for treating obesity.
  2. Various working heads can be replaced in different parts according to different requirements. One working head has multiple functions with RF having a higher frequency and more energy to emit more evenly 
  3. The perfect combination of ultrasound, radiofrequency and laser solves the dilemma of losing weight. It helps with weight loss while at the same time maintaining firming skin, increases skin elasticity, metabolism, and ultimately keeps better health. 
  4. Adopting the cutting-edge technology of ultrasonic fat-burning. 
  5. Painless, non-invasive during the process. Skipping any recovery periods without affecting any work and life plans. 
  6. No consumption, low cost, and quick returns. 
  7. Wider treatment range and faster and more visible effects. 
  8. Unevenness, bleeding, and swelling will not appear after treatment. Ultrasound, vacuum, and radiofrequency all have the energy release of red LED respectively. They can dissolve fat and massage while at the same time accelerating metabolism, and sterilizing skin. The effect is remarkable with a higher comfort level. 
  9. Laser fat-dissolving: evenly dissolve fat on every part to leave skin smooth, safe without any pain.


Technical Specifications

  • Power supply Input: 100V-240V
  • Power: 190W
  • Led laser wavelength: 635nm ~650nm
  • Power of each light: 5mW
  • Energy output :64 x 5mW = 320mW total output
  • Mains power output:

Vacuum RF Head

  • Frequency: 3MHz
  • Power: 50W
  • Vacuum: <-80kPa
  • Pressure: >250kPa
  • Air flow: >10L/minute
  • Noise level:<70db(30cm away)

Bipole RH Handle

  • Frequency: 1MHZ
  • Power:30W

8-Pole RF Handle

  • Frequency: 3MHZ
  • Power: 50W


What's Inside the Box

  • 1X Main Machine with 40K RF Handle
  • 1X Vacuum RF Handle
  • 1X Facial RF Handle
  • 1X Eye RF Handle
  • 1X Body RF Handle
  • 8X Laser LED Pad
  • 1X Fittings Stand
  • 1X Filter
  • 2X Fuse
  • 1X Power Line
  • 1X User Manual

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