8 in 1 40K Cavitation Vacuum 3D Rotating RF Cold Photon Slimming Machine

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8IN1 40K Cavitation Vacuum 3D Rotating RF Cold Photon is the newest and trendy Slimming Machine with a sound wave vibration that causes a severe impact on fat cells to make them explode instantaneously, reduce the number of fat cells and thereby achieve the effects of removing fat. With the RF and Vortex vacuum negative pressure technique, Vacuum RF generates the intense bioheat energy by the high-frequency current through reticular loop type. Therefore, it can increase the temperature inside and break down the deep fatty tissue in the body, making the collagen regenerate and recombine to tighten the skin. Multipolar RF Facial RF head capacitive coupling electrode transmits radio-wave energy and generates an electric field for entering subcutaneous tissue through the skin surface. 

3D Rotating RF penetrates the layer of fat, making fat from adipocytes (fat cells) pass into the interstitial tissue and are eliminated naturally by the body. The treatment session lasts for 10 minutes per zone and recommends a weekly session for 8-10 weeks. It can be used on the waistline, abdomen (middle and lower), back (upper, middle, lower), buttocks, thighs, arms, and underarms. Additional treatments improve results further. Immediate results can be seen after each treatment as the fat cell contents are released. 40K Cavitation With a collective strong sound wave head, a strong sound wave of 40Khz may be emitted to the human body for fiercely impacting fat cells and causing friction motion between fat cells that may cause effective consumption of calories and moisture in and reduce the size of fat cells. 

What does the 8IN1 40K Cavitation Vacuum 3D Rotating RF Cold Photon Slimming Machine will offer you?


Item specifics

Origin: CN(Origin)

Tech:360°Rotating RF

Function 1:Weight Loss

Function 2:Skin Rejuvenation

Cavitation Frequency:40K

RF:3D Smart RF

Microcurent Photon:7 Colors


Gross Weigth:8 KG

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