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How to Boost Hair Growth in a Natural Way

Hair is an important part of our overall look. It doesn't matter if your hair is blue or brown, straight or curly, short or long; what counts is how healthy and well-cared for it is. In this post, you'll discover more about our strands and how they develop, as well as how to naturally encourage hair growth and improve the length, strength, and health of your hair.

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What Exactly is the Function of Hair?

To fully comprehend how the measures you're going to take operate, it's necessary first to discover some fundamental facts about our hair and how it develops. To begin with, did you know that hair development occurs throughout our bodies, except the soles of our feet, lips, palms of our hands, navel, and eyelids? It most likely served the aim of keeping us warm and shielding certain sensitive parts at some point in our history.

Second, what does it mean to have hair? It's formed of keratin, a protein made up of numerous layers of flat cells that form a rope-like thread. These filaments grow from follicles in our dermis and might be robust and long terminal hair or thin and short vellus hair. When we talk about hair growth and maintenance, we're talking about terminal hair.

What Effect does your Lifestyle have on Hair Growth?

Hair development isn't just about hair products and hair care. Regarding hair growth stimulation, caring for your body is also essential. Increase your protein intake to boost hair development, especially by eating fish, beans, nuts, and whole grains.

Protein is mainly found in hair follicles, and a lack of it causes hair loss. Proteins nourish the hair from inside. Protein-rich foods, vitamins A, C, and E, minerals like zinc and iron, and omega-3 fatty acids can all help to promote hair health. However, just as certain foods are beneficial to your hair, some are detrimental.

When Should You Comb/Brush Your Hair?

According to experts, hair brushing frequency is governed by hair length and texture. Straight hair is not the same as curly hair. Brushing your hair twice a day before getting dressed in the morning and before going to bed is beneficial for people with straight to wavy hair. To avoid curly and highly textured hair becoming overly frizzy and losing its texture, people with curly and highly textured hair should only brush their hair on wash days.

Brushing and combing your hair, whether twice a day or once a week, is something we recommend, depending on your hair kind and attitude. To get rid of complex knots, you may need to use heavier brush bristles. However, we'd like to emphasize combing your hair to care for your scalp as a fantastic technique. As we all know, a healthy scalp equals healthy hair.

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