Aristorm 8 in 1 Cavitation 2.5 Machine: The Answer to Your Skin and Body Problems

Aristorm 8 in 1 Cavitation 2.5 Machine: The Answer to Your Skin and Body Problems

As you age, it's normal for your skin to grow saggy with wrinkles and have more noticeable pores. The elasticity of our skin and the natural oils it produces lessens over time; this is why you may notice your skin becoming less flexible, less firm, and drier. Sun damage is also a culprit in making your pores bigger by thickening your skin. Then there's also reoccurring acne that clogged pores may cause. 


However, there is a way to save your body and skin, bringing it back to life; this is possible with the help of RF, ultrasonic waves, and cold therapy. RF helps lift the skin by producing more collagen and elastane, while ultrasonic waves are perfect for rejuvenation since it helps your skin absorb skin products better. Lastly, cold therapy will remove dirt and lessens inflammation while minimizing your pores.


All in 1 Cavitation Machine

There's no need to go out and spend money each time you visit a beauty salon when you have Aristorm 8 In 1 Cavitation 2.5 Machine handy.

This cavitation machine has you covered with all the basic procedures at your local beauty salon. Bringing your skin and body to life has never been this easy and convenient! Here are the benefits of the three procedures that this machine has to offer:

How Can RF Benefit Your Skin?

When you heat the deeper layers of your skin, you're activating collagen and elastin production. The RF feature of our Cavitation machine safely heats the tissues deep under your skin at a lower frequency.

RF combats sagging skin by lifting it, thus making it tighter and firmer, helping your skin radiate. RF treatment may also help fight off sun damage. Ultraviolet rays can put off the collagen fibers; with the help of RF, you can fight off the effects of the damage by producing more collagen. Some even turn to RF to cut down their facial fat. Surgery can be very expensive; RF treatment is a cheaper alternative since it's known to break down the fat in your face.

How Can Ultrasonic Waves Benefit Your Skin?

Ultrasonic waves are higher frequency waves compared to RF. However, ultrasonic waves repairs and heals your skin naturally. Many have turned to ultrasonic waves to help treat or improve several skin conditions.

Even though it produces high-frequency waves, it's still considered a gentle and safe treatment that can also be used on sensitive skin. This process allows heat to penetrate the layers of your skin and helps burst fat cells, which will then turn into glyceride. With the help of ultrasonic waves, blood circulation increases, and thus new skin cells are born. If you're looking for a way to make your pores smaller, soften your skin more, and control sebum production, regular use of the Aristorm cavitation machine can help. Ultrasonic waves are perfect for reaching parts of your skin that you can't get thoroughly clean by only washing your face. The high frequency provides gentle oxygen release, removing toxins and dirt clogging your pores that are the culprits for making them appear larger.

How Can Cold Therapy Benefit Your Skin?

There are plenty of benefits that come with cold therapy. If you've been trying to combat acne and blemishes for a long time, you can successfully fight them by reducing your skin's oil production with the help of cold therapy.

People have been using ice on their faces to control oil secretion. Cold therapy is a safer way to stop oil production that becomes too excessive. Oil is usually the main cause of pimple and acne outbreaks; controlling it will lessen the chances of outbreaks on your skin. Cold therapy also helps exfoliate and lessen inflammation which may help reduce the sizes of your pimples until they disappear. Lastly, this procedure may also help your skin absorb the skincare products you apply to your face, becoming more effective.


Say Hello to Your Skin and Body Goals!

Have your skincare day at home with the Aristorm 8 In 1 Cavitation 2.5 Machine! This machine comes with everything you need to complete your skin spa treatment at home, such as eye, face, body RF handpieces, cold and hot hammers, and many more. It's about time you say goodbye to unwanted fat and blemishes with no negative side effects!

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