How Can PEMF Therapy Benefit Your Body?

How Can PEMF Therapy Benefit Your Body?

PEMF means “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field”, it is a therapy procedure that requires the use of electromagnetic energy. PEMF Therapy works by sending magnetic waves into your body, these energy waves cooperate with the natural magnetic field within your body. This will cause changes in your body as the magnetic fields help in increasing electrolytes and ions. As a result, it reduces your body’s chronic pain and helps your body to function in a normal state. 

PEMF Therapy has become one of the popular therapy procedures in the skin and body care industry throughout the years. A lot of people were amazed by PEMF therapy because of its very safe method and effective result. A single PEMF therapy session requires a very short period. It usually takes only 15-20 minutes; the short session keeps your cells from overstimulating and also protects the quality of the internal coil system.

Listed below are the possible benefits that you may receive upon experiencing PEMF Therapy:

PEMF Therapy

  • Relief of Muscle and Joint Pain – PEMF therapy helps in your general wellness by reducing your pain level when you experience injury and when you are recovering from your recent surgery.
  • Increase Local Circulation Where Applied – According to the researchers from Wake Forest University, PEMF Therapy improved blood circulation to the applied area of the body. The bigger the dilation in the blood vessels, the lower your blood pressure is which means you are in a more relaxed state, and your body can transfer blood to the other parts. This is why the study shows that PEMF therapy helps your body to regain strength and recover from injuries more quickly.
  • Helps with Arthritis Pain and Stiffness – The most common chronic disease that a lot of people experience is Rheumatoid arthritis. People with rheumatoid arthritis find it hard on discovering pain relief for their swelling joint. But with PEMF Therapy, it is proven that it is the best pain relief for rheumatoid arthritis patients.
  • Helps the Relief of Symptoms of Depression - there are about 30% of patients with depression who are refusing to take their antidepressant medicine. PEMF Therapy is the ideal alternative and it has no side effects. The usual side effects when taking antidepressants include gaining weight, nausea, blurred vision, and insomnia. PEMF Therapy combined with antidepressants gives a huge improvement to patients with depression because it causes no side effects and PEMF therapy is a non-invasive treatment.
  • Supplements the Reduction of Migraines – PEMF therapy is a great help for people with migraines. With a month-long of regular PEMF therapy, migraine patients can experience less severe headaches. It is a great temporary cure for migraines, and the good thing about PEMF therapy is, it has no harmful side effects.
  • Supports Efforts to Stimulate Bone Recovery – Non-union fractures are the term used when you have an unhealed broken bone. Broken bone usually heals within a certain timeframe, when it fails to recover, that’s when it becomes a serious medical complication. It then requires high-risk orthopedic surgery. PEMF Therapy gives a possibility of healing non-union fractures within 14 weeks of the continuous therapy session.
  • Helps Decrease Diabetic Factors – A person with diabetes may experience diabetic polyneuropathy, it is a symptom indicated by sensations of weakness and numbness in your body. It can mainly affect your daily life, but PEMF therapy is a great procedure that can reduce this symptom. PEMF therapy helps you avoid the discomfort that diabetic polyneuropathy gives.
  • Helps Trigger Nerve Repair – according to research from Bioelectromagnetics Society, it is proven that PEMF therapy provides great effects for nerve stimulation. PEMF Therapy helps patients with nerve damage to recover quickly.
  • Increase Range of Motion – One of the biggest factors that cause the reduction of range of motion is the cervical osteoarthritis condition. People with this condition are struggling with their motion and mobility. PEMF Therapy gives hope for these patients, according to research published in Clinical Rheumatology, having a 30-minute PEMF therapy session twice a day, for 3 weeks greatly improves the pain. “The active range of motion, paravertebral muscle spasm and neck pain and disability scale scores improved significantly after PEMF Therapy.”

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